Space Mission – Straight Shot

Greeting Space Cadets!!!

You need not fear us, we come in peace and only wish to supply you with information. And today’s out of this world mutterings concern Space Missions.

Space is quite literally the Futurama frontier, it’s where us Addicts boldly go to fight intergalactic villains and to gather resources. Want to know more? If so, join us after the fold.

So where are we off to today space raiders? Oh yes, you’d better buckle up cause we’re heading to the Moon to take a closer look at Straight Shot.

Mission Name: Straight Shot
Mission Location: Moon
Objective: ???
Number of Paths: 1
Fuel Per Stop: 1
Total Fuel Required to complete all Paths:
Required Character: Fry
Recommended Character Level: 12
Helpful Character/Level: Ramblin’ Rodriguez – gives you another answer option to choose in Interaction Duels, and his choice will give you 20% chance of Success, other characters only give 10%.  So basically he gives you a better chance of a Succesful Duel than any other character.
Maximum Crew: 5
First Time Path Completion Rewards:  2 Giga Career Chip, 110 NixonBucks, 40 Hypnotons, 15 Pizza, 25 XP
Repeat Path Completion Rewards: 2 Giga Career Chip, 28 NixonBucks, 5 Hypnotons, 5 XP
One-Time Reward for 100% Completion: 2 Giga Career Chip, 110 NixonBucks, 40 Hypnotons, 15 Pizza, 25 XP
Combat Rewards: n/a
Interaction Duel Rewards: 1 Clamp’s Clamp
Artifact: n/a

As you can see the Straight Shot Mission has only 1 Path to be completed, and only 1 Interaction. This Mission is simply about collecting that 1 Clamp’s Clamp you need.

The little twist on the Interaction Gameplay continues with the Virtual Duels, where you can choose to spend 1 Bullet to try to kill your opponent, if you succeed you’ll win Tombstones. Now you’ll have 1 Duel here and your odds of winning here can be as low as 10%, however Ramblin Rodriguez will give you a higher percent option of 20% if you take hin into the Duel. However Clamp does mighty damage when you fail. And the amount of Tombstones you will get for a Succesful Duel is just 2,  that’s as many as you can get in this Mission. And as I said a Failure will see your Characters health depleted quite a lot.

Addicts Tips: Just get to the end of the Path and get a Succes to win that Clamp. Go into this with a good stock of bullets and just keep trying, don’t be alarmed if you get double digit Failures as you’ll eventually get a Success.  Be advised this is not a good Mission to repeat for getting Tombstones.

So now we’ve got that bit out-of-the-way let’s move forward and follow the only path there is.


Path Stats 
Stops: 6
Total Fuel Required: 6
Required character: Fry
Combats: 0
Villains/Enemies: n/a
Interactions: 1

Path Rewards
Path Rewards: n/a
Total Combat Rewards: n/a
Total Interaction Rewards: As these rewards are determined by multiple choice decisions you make in Duel Interactions, what you will get depends on what choices you make but most Tombstones I’ve seen is 2.
Path 1 Completion Reward: 2 Giga Career Chip, 28 NixonBucks, 5 Hypnotons, 5 XP, 1 Clamp’s Clamp (please note the first time you complete the Straight Shot Path you’ll get 2 Giga Career Chip, 110 NixonBucks, 40 Hypnotons, 15 Pizza, 25 XP). Please note Clamp’s Clamp is not an automatic reward you must complete a Succesful Duel to get it.

And there you have it fellow space travellers, all the data on the Straight Shot Mission? Have you tried this Mission yet? Did you complete it or find it Mission impossible. Anything we missed or tips for fellow players? Tell us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


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