Welcome To The Angry Dome

Greetings Angry Humans!!!

What The F…. Hey, hold on guys, let me finish. F is for Futurama. Just what on earth were you lot thinking?

Yes it’s a little know fact that in space no one can hear you swear!!! But that might be a little far to travel to let off some steam, so we thought we’d bring a little bit of space to you.

So here’s your very own Angry Dome, a place where you can go to vent about anything and everything, whether it be Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow related or not. Consider this your weekly therapy and let it all out with a good old holler of WHAT THE FUTURAMA?!

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting please!!!


9 thoughts on “Welcome To The Angry Dome

  1. If it was as stable as FG:TQFS I would be enjoying this a lot more but crashes when you scroll around the play area, if you try to give all your characters jobs one after another, it even crashes if you try to place buildings/objects. Gaaaah!

    I also hate that the Entertainment district is still locked. It was one thing that it said I didn’t have the Earth artifact when I do but now I have an active questline telling me to unlock it yet I can’t. If the area is not available I cannot think why they would even release the questions for it. Stupid planning on TinyCo’s part.

    I hope the reason it’s still locked is because of all the crashing on devices, and having an extra area will not help the issue, so they and working on a fix first. Then it would indeed be Good news, everyone.


  2. Hmm… let me think… complaints about this game…

    1. It crashes all the time.
    2. There’s no way to store NPCs.
    3. It crashes all the time.
    4. Support is awful as usual for TinyCo. Always get auto-response first, so have to repeat message; then get cut-and-paste response second, so have to repeat again; they don’t even look at your message until the third attempt!
    5. It crashes all the time.
    6. Seems to be heading the same way as FGTQFS with back-to-back events.
    7. It crashes all the time.
    8. How much longer do we have to wait for The Entertainment District to be released? Actually, I’m only joking about this. I can wait. We’ll just get bored once there aren’t any more districts and main characters to look forward to, so really no need to rush!
    9. It crashes all the time. This is really quite important. It’s by far the least reliable of the 3 games, which makes it very frustrating having to repeat actions over and over again.


    1. do you have any other devices to try the game out on? i have a kindle fire tablet that i use mostly to play mobile games on, like tapped out. initially i played futurama on there too, but like you, ran into nonstop crashes…. almost like there was a memory leak, and the game would eventually bog down and crash. so i downloaded the game to my phone, which is older, and it never crashes on there. it’s far from ideal, trying to play/design on a smaller phone screen, but it’s better than crashing all the time. long story short though, it seems to be an issue that only affects certain devices, so hopefully you have another phone or tablet to give it a shot with.


    2. Replies to your statements:
      1. Not for me!
      2. Adding that in the future
      3. See 1
      4. May be just your experiences. They actually give me custom responses (not the ” ‘Thanks for saying this!’ And they never answer you” ones
      5. See 1
      6. That’s what TinyCo’s main focus is, which most people like
      7. See 1
      8. It seems that the Entertainment District will be coming in a few weeks. Also, they might do what they usually do, which is add more districts in the future at random
      9. SEE 1!


  3. Two things the game needs:

    1) A member of the Robot Mafia swoops in and steals all our money. (Actually, it automatically “clicks” all the uncollected money tasks — you know, like Consuela’s vacuum cleaner in FG-TQFS)

    2) A way to locate a particular character, even if he’s doing a task. (FG-TQFS doesn’t have one either, but there is a workaround: you zoom into the map (anywhere), go into FaceSpace, click on the character you want, then exit FaceSpace. You would now be centered on the character or the building he is in. FWOT should have an official way to do this.)


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