Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow

Welcome Futurists!!!

There I was working in the lab last night when a thought came to me, but sadly then it was gone and I was left staring blankly like something out of the day the earth stood stupid. So you’ll be spared my rambling thoughts on that eureka moment, but not however on what’s coming next! No there is no escaping from our Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow post!!!

So it’s been a busy few weeks in old New New York, a flourish of mini-events followed by the big reveal of the Entertainment District. It’s really been a blast but now that’s all in the past I find myself wondering what will be next? Just what does the future hold? I literally found my mind wandering, but don’t worry I soon caught up with it and before long I was pondering the future in true Farnsworth style. And what did I come up with, well a lot of things I couldn’t admit in public, but there were a few thoughts on what I’d like to see next that I can share. So let’s bravely go where no Addict has boldly gone before….my Tiny(Co) mind.

Okay, welcome to my Tiny(Co) mind, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. But if you didn’t please don’t leave negative reviews as these are likely to cause me distress and put other Addicts off visiting in future.

So it’s October, and you know what that means, it’s only 85 sleeps to Christmas. But forget that, with it being October, I’m hoping we might see the event I long for all year in my mobile games, the big Halloween event. Some of my favourite times over in Quahog playing FGQFS have been during the Halloween events, TinyCo really brought us some killer, quite literally, content in those events.  But am I being greedy asking for Halloween in New New York when October has only just come calling? I might just be, so maybe we’ll have to put our trick or treating on hold as we continue to investigate our new district? Or maybe we’ll see see the arrival of another mini-event to keep us out mischief? Or will TinyCo suprise us all with our first FWOT Halloween treat?

What do my fellow addicts think? Will we have to entertain ourselves for a bit, see a mini-event or will we be hiding behind our devices as Halloween comes to town? And if it is new mini event, is there an episode or topic would you like it to be based on?  Or if trick or treat time is upon us are there any characters or outfits you’d love to see? Let’s discuss it further in the comments.

Oh and remember this isn’t a spoiler or teaser of what’s to come, this is just muttering from my Tiny(Co) mind.

~ Russian Tigger

2 thoughts on “Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow

  1. Since Halloween is on october 31st and TinyCo main events may tend to be four weeks long, i would assume the Halloween event starts in one or two weeks from now. I would expect one last mini-event to drop before Halloween starts. Really looking forward go it, my first big event for FWOT. Currently grinding on the last items to unlock URL.


  2. Mini event 3 days max , then straight into Hallowean. Bearing in mind TSTO could be starting it’s big event tomorrow.


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