App Version 1.4.4 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re going to be continuing our dance with the Robot Devil very soon as a game update is hitting our App Stores. And whereas installing this update is necessary to see the next waves content please be aware updating will impact on your ability to do bombless Space Mission runs as defence abilities will NO longer stack, so you’re going to have to be more vigilant during these, and try to use your Influencers healing properties to get through them instead. Not easy if you’re using lower level characters I’m afraid.

Yes, the latest version of the App, 1.4.4, is hitting App stores as I type. I’m currently seeing it on IOS, so go check out your store. Remember you’re looking for App version 1.4.4. However please note the next wave of event is NOT live as yet, this is just preparing your game for when it hits. So you’ve still got time to grab a one way ticket out-of-town before more hell and it’s minions descends upon us.

This update should also fix the Sticker Book glitch we’ve been experiencing, it certainly has in my game.

So grab yourself the update if you want it and come back and join us in the live post when the next wave hits but please remember the impact it will have on your bombless Space Missions.

~ Russian Tigger


13 thoughts on “App Version 1.4.4 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

  1. i have no event-related tasks showing. still have to get hookerbot but compacts are not dropping. so far got one in what 3 days? anyone else have no event tasks showing?


  2. “updating will impact on your ability to do bombless Space Mission runs as defense abilities will NO longer stack”

    this event needs to go die ina fire -_-


    1. got new missions today before unlocking hookerbot but with the last drop for her pending collection. maybe they fixed a bug or maybe the drop counts while it’s pending.


  3. Hate this update. My game freezes now and runs slow & choppy on space mission battles, all aspects of the game have ran fast & smooth for me until now.
    Also having the defense boost not stack now really sucks, I won’t be able to do bombless runs anymore so I’ll be slipping further behind faster. The stench of FG seems to be in the air… ughh.


  4. No longer stacking defense?! Those *****!
    It didn’t bother me that we couldn’t stack captain damage because I could still make progress.
    I guess they don’t like us being allowed to progress without money.

    I was, WAS doing fine. Now I might as well quit.
    It’s Family Guy all over again.


    1. lol why would J E R K be censored?

      Anyway, it’s the 26th even though oil bombs say 25th.
      Is there a reason why week 4 hasn’t started?
      I finished everything else…


      1. Because it’s not nice, lol. No seriously as I’m not American sometimes I’m not sure what’s ok on PG site and what isn’t so I play it safe with the **** but I think the J work is ok, so I’ll let you have this one. 😀


  5. It looks like the Robots defense boost doesn’t stack anymore 😦
    This makes influencers absolutely mandatory for bombless run on current event space missions


    1. i can confirm this is actually true – defence ability doesn’t stack. (i presume the captain’s attack ability won’t stack either)

      probably the worst “bug fix” they’ve added to the game so far !!


  6. One thing the update did for my game was fix the challenge screen. Now the past and future incubot prizes are shown, along with the grand prize.


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