End Of Event Poll – Robot Hell On Earth

Greeting Hell’s Angels!!!

I know it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but it’s really just the end of the event. Want to share how you did with your fellow humans? If so, join us after the fold.

Ah, so you decided to join us. Ok then, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and complete the poll before the next event hits and you don’t have time to scratch your a… ehm, chin, never  mind fill out our stupid poll.

Oh and if you can’t see the poll thank your lucky stars there isn’t a link to it HERE, oh wait there is, afraid there’s no escaping it is there?

And don’t forget you can also tell us what you thought of the event in the comments as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

20 thoughts on “End Of Event Poll – Robot Hell On Earth

  1. Well, my main problem would be that I couldn’t play for three weeks due to a bug in the game. It was fixed by an update prior to wave 4, but I only had 2 weeks to do everything. During the 3 weeks I was out, TinyCo provided no help at all via outside email. On the plus side RussianTigger from here actually did try to help even though they have no actual affiliation with TinyCo. (Just wanted to give you credit for trying to help). Once my game was fixed, I got through most of wave 3 in 2 weeks, but missed out on 5 characters I could’ve (and I feel would have) unlocked. I still have an open ticket within the game with TinyCo where they still won’t acknowledge anything. It’s clear in their responses that they are not even reading what I write as their responses are either unrelated to what I wrote or suggest things I state have already happened. It’s one thing to miss out because I don’t put in the time, but this was on TinyCo.
    Aside from that, FWOT is seemingly plagued with the same issues and Family Guy. For example, unlocking characters typically have a bottleneck where you just need one more item to move on, but end up spending days getting it. I was 100% done with wave 1 except for opera glasses for delivish fry, which I then spent 2 days doing nothing but logging in tapping the required building, not getting it, and then leaving to check back later. Not fun. And that frustration is why I finally quit family guy earlier this year even though I’d played from the beginning.
    I play because of my love for the show, but without resolution from this past event, I might be done in the near future.


    1. Thanks for the kind words Seth, much appreciated. This is a major frustration with timed events, any lock out and you just can’t catch up.


  2. Oh, and not to dis, but I checked that the articles here weren’t helpful because I ended up mostly looking at the space maps at Gamepedia for help. Admittedly, might’ve done better on the main plotline if I’d read it through here, but the space missions were so crucial that I needed that info faster and in more detail than I was getting it here.


    1. Thanks for the feedback, I did cover Space Missions but happy provide more in depth info if required. But it’s great there’s variety sources for players covering everything. The guys do a great job over at Gamepedia.


  3. I had two problems: First, did the wrong spike so the other items didn’t open without me having to go back into space and get more supplies. That’s bull. Any spike should’ve done the trick. Second one was my fault- I didn’t do the main storyline fast enough so it took too long to get to some of the other things I needed. I still managed to get everything but the last two decorations from Riches and had to use some pizza to get Pazuzu. Didn’t spend any money though.


  4. I think the concept for the event was a good one, but my previous statement from when the event began bears repeating:

    If you weren’t at least a level 23 at the beginning of the event, you really couldn’t do anything because the shortest path in each mission were 47 dark matter balls for the first three space missions and 42 the last mission. There are also people who may have completely missed out on the event (or portions thereof) because they lacked Central Park (which only unlocks after you’ve found the artifacts on Omicron Persei 8, Mars, and the Moon).

    I started the event at level 14 (38 balls max), and while I don’t know how much experience one needs to level up, it did take me around an entire day each time to level up, and didn’t reach level 23 until the event was half over. Fuel replenishes at a rate of 1 per 8 minutes (so to replenish 47 balls takes about 6.5 hours) which meant that even at level 23, I could only run 2 missions a day. With the event now over, I’m currently half way through level 32 (56 balls).

    I finished out the event having started Wave 4 (barely, it was the last 2 days of the event), and ended up buying out Roberto with pizza (who I wanted more than Hookerbot from Wave 3). I also missed out on the Devil Robot (who I really wanted, but didn’t know how to purchase outright with pizza).

    When it comes to future events I think they should:

    1) Have at least one shorter flight path that only takes 25 balls (so even a level one could participate), even if you had to run it more times than a longer flight path to gain the same amount of event currency needed.
    2) A subset of the prize track that is easily attainable for the lower level players (I don’t mind if there would be prizes that are only attainable for upper level people).
    3) The ability to unlock Central Park (not the district, just the park itself) right away in the game, especially if they intend to use the park as the launching pad for other future events.
    4) One character who is easily unlockable per Wave (if that’s how they choose to do future events), with additional harder character(s) for upper level players.

    P.S. My apologies to Russian Tigger for the long winded post and a super: Thank you!!!, as well for all your time and effort for the posts you do. They really are helpful and greatly appreciated 🙂


    1. Thanks Quentenia. Getting there with the site. And your kind if comment with feedback is fabulous. I would love to do long reviews of the events but time just isn’t there. So you guys are doing it for me, love that.


  5. Loved
    – Devilish Fry
    – Roberto
    – Robot Devil

    – having to grind out space battles just to be able to progress because bombs were scarce early on in each phase
    – when they “updated” the game part way through the event and screwed up being able to stack abilities
    – the fact it dragged on just a bit too long

    Drops were rubbish here too for certain characters. Socks for Roberto took far longer for a ‘”common” drop than it should have. I contacted TinyCo and they just gave me a “drops are fine etc and its also down to luck” response.
    As soon as I unlocked the Robot Devil I gave up on the event, any of the space missions or main story tasks, and went back to doing Amazonia space battles to get hypnotons to unlock HG Blob because I ran out of them having to clear road space to accommodate all of the event buildings.

    This game also still really irritates me when you get a new character or skin and it gives them a task to complete but you need to level them up loads before said task becomes available.
    I’ve got loads of bit part characters at level 15+ which I had to sprend money and chips upgrading for whatever reason and now they’re just stored away and I prob won’t ever get them back out – Vyolet, Dwayne, Leg Mutant, Hedonism Bot, Bill Nye, Gold Bender… I’m looking at all of you!


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, and I actually brought the high levels needed for sone Questline parts upto TinyCo, hopefully they are listening as newer players just can’t complete Questlines, and they then sit there mocking you.


  6. I am so unhappy about how this ended. I do not think I will be playing this game anymore. I played religiously and still could not finish. I spent money on pizza and could not finish. This is really a disappointment.


  7. Unlocked all the characters / costumes, finished all the missions 100% and completed all the challenges, without spending any pizza. Pretty pleased with that – it was hard work but still possible! Good event!


  8. I felt like the event was too involved and complex (too many connected pieces). It was also very hands-on and quite a bit needing in the luck department. I quickly fell behind and never did catch up as I didn’t even get to the final week unlocks to be able to attack Robot Devil. I ended up paying upwards of 100 pizzas so I at least unlocked Roberto (I came up short on Hookerbot). I understand their desire to design these events so there’s more going on and more to work for, but… I think I’m just burnt out after several years of very similar event mechanics in FG. I’m glad the event is over as I’m still perfectly fine with the normal play and mini-events.


  9. I found the event to get very laborious. Hated having to create an unknown amount of bombs only to be caught out short. The fight without the bombs against the special enemies was horrible. If wouldn’t have been as bad if your special moves did more damage or using a character to increase your team’s attack power made a difference.

    There were days that I just sent my characters on 6 hour missions to make money because I couldn’t be bothered with the monotony. Hopefully there is not another event as awful as this one.


  10. I was so excited for this event and hated it. The drops were so awful that I was stuck behind weeks. I play often and have never been this behind in this game or my two or three years of Family guy.


    1. Absolutely this. I’ve been playing Family Guy practically since it started and some events have been super tough. But while I may not have completely finished all of the events, I typically end each event only a couple of days behind. But Robot Hell…I never even completed the 3rd Wave.

      I know others have discussed this in other threads, but the fact that the only way to keep pace with the event was to perform missions without bombs is what killed it. TinyCo should know better. These are “casual” games by nature. Completion of the event should be reasonably possible when the player logs in 5 or 6 times a day for 5-10 minutes per visit. But the bomb-less missions requires 1 or 2 hours of continuous monitoring. Sorry, but if I can’t complete the mission in under 20 minutes, I’m not even going to try.


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