Get A Job Event Overview!!!

All work and no play just isn’t any fun!!!

But it looks like we’re going to be combining both as a little filler event has dropped in our games.

Not a lot to report here as this is easy to follow, Get A Job simply consists of 6 new  space missions on Mars that will allow you to grab yourself some Career Chips. Head over to Mars where you’ll find Career Paths 1 to 6 waiting on you now! Or head over HERE to find our post on them.

Oh and incase you want to play there’s a new premium mystery box full of returning characters and outfits.

For 250 Pizza a go you can try the Life Is A a Mystery Box and win yourself some of the following characters or outfits:

Nixon & Agnew
George Takei
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Bee Bender
Shakespearean Calculon
Borax Kid
Ramblin Rodrigeuz
Bender’s Mom
Chris Hardwick
Bill Nye
Stephen Hawking
Slurms MacKenzie
Slurm Duke Fry

But don’t delay as these new  Space Missions and the Mystery Box will only be available until 6th December 3pm PDT.

So what you waiting for? Get to work.

~ Russian Tigger


7 thoughts on “Get A Job Event Overview!!!

  1. Thank you for the guide, but I had no chance to play this event. My issue couldn’t get resolved, and it would take too long to start over and get back to the same spot I was in previously.

    Looks like no Christmas event for me.


    1. If there’s a character or outfit you want then it’s worth a go as you’re guaranteed a character or outfit, there’s no decoration or that in this box.


  2. Not sure where to post this, but here’s my recent issue (and I’ve already email TinyCo about the problem. Hoping they can restore my game):

    Got this login error message “FUGame: In getPlayArea, Called get PlayArea before play area exists”

    Tried the usually stuff, clear cache, restart game multiple times, restart phone device multiple times.

    Found this same issue posted on reddit, with someone post of TinyCo response as:


    Unfortunately for me, I did the “Clear Data”, and it completely wiped my progress. My fault for not linking the game to an account (and I’ve been asking TinyCo for months before to have another way to link game accounts like the Family Guy game).

    I do have the account ID, not sure how they will restore it though.


  3. So far, the new Mars missions are much longer and take more fuel than the previous event, but follow the same leveling scale (every 5 levels). Plan accordingly.


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