An Xmas Xarol Event – Good News Everyone!!!

Tiny Santa’s been again, and it looks like we really made the nice list as he’s giving us a little more time to cash in our Nebular Orbs.  This is good news especially for those of you still trying to unlock Robot Santa Claus as you’ll now have time to collect this rounds PVP Universe tier Nebular Orbs to put towards him, or other decorations if you already have him.

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some final days fun.

~ Russian Tigger


9 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Event – Good News Everyone!!!

  1. I just tried to purchase Robot Santa after the event ended but it doesn’t allow me to unlock him. After force closing the app the Nixon Bucks are gone but he’s back in the store. Has anyone had this issue?


  2. This is really great news!

    Currently need 90 more orbs to get Santa. I am ranking at Platinum IV in PvP, might reach Platinum III later today (depends on crashes) – so 50 more orbs for Santa from the bonus. Then maybe 10 more from normal PvP (again, crashes…), 5 more farming Santa Boss fight – looks like around 25 pizza/orbs will be all I have to pay for Santa. Yay! This makes me really, really happy!

    When the week started and I had already spent most of my orbs on decos before, I thought I may have to pay around 150 pizza for him.

    So, thank you TinyCo for making these adjustments. And thank you RT and the other ambassadors, who where “fighting” for us players. It is much appreciated!


  3. I hope they don’t mess this up and that we can still pay the balance in pizza at the same rate. He’s probably still going to cost me around 100 pizza but it could have been worse. Awful event.


  4. My first though was one extra day. One fracking day. I lost a week with all the bugs for this event, that inability to play pvp battles and then the terrible drop rate of items trying to recruit items. If they wanted to be gracious they should have extended the event by 2 weeks. The only way to complete the event is by paying out vast amounts for pizza slices. This event is impossible fir fremium players


  5. Problem is… will the Nebula Orbs be used on further events to buy decorations, costumes and characters? Or will they be replaced with a different currency?

    Until I have a word about this, I’m not gonna spend them.

    This game suffers from lack of communication from the devs.


    1. Hard to know if they will be used again but if they are used in future there will be ways to collect them at that time, this is about using what you have now and for many, me included, that’s to get Robot Santa Claus. I’ll be using my Nebular Orbs for him and I’ll be happy to get him.


      1. yes second that RT
        I found out by accident last week if you stayed logged into your game past the PVP end time the clock starts counting up(negative) and you can continue collecting orbs and go up in rank until you log out
        The reason i stay logged in is because i had to resort to playing this buggy af game on blue stacks on my pc it became completely unplayable on my andriod phone on stacks i have had no problems with game play never crashes ….i do have a problem only with pizza tv that i have come to figure out requires a whole system reboot restart blue stacks and then fwot do nothing else go straight to pizza tv then i will get my daily allotment of pizza 4-7 slices any other actions collecting 1 nixon will result in a freeze


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