Welcome To The Angry Dome

Greetings Angry Humans!!!

What The F…. Hey, hold on guys, let me finish. F is for Futurama. Just what on earth were you lot thinking?

Yes it’s a little know fact that in space no one can hear you swear!!! But that might be a little far to travel to let off some steam, so we thought we’d bring a little bit of space to you.

So here’s your very own Angry Dome, a place where you can go to vent about anything and everything, whether it be Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow related or not. Consider this your weekly therapy and let it all out with a good old holler of WHAT THE FUTURAMA?!

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting please!!!

11 thoughts on “Welcome To The Angry Dome

  1. I switched lvl 70 leela for lvl 61 nibbler because he is just such a great character. But with nibbler in my main crew it seems that bathrobe zap lost his abiltity to charm enemies! Nibbler in my crew, no charming; leela in my crew, zap does charm again. I did like 7 times the daily planet route. I dont get it. Lets be honest, the game is breaking apart slowly


  2. There is no doubt in my mind that the enemies on Corleone 5 have been leveling up to stay one step ahead of me.

    In fact I think there may even be some kind of a tier system going on,… similar to how you may find yourself suddenly in a higher “tax bracket” after a small pay raise. Because grinding away on Made Bots levels with level 51 characters requires little effort but grinding with level 53 characters is practically impossible.

    And don’t think I didn’t notice that the Chef Bot and other rare stickerbook characters didn’t even appear for the first two weeks. I leveled up and suddenly I’m faced with new and even more deadly enemies on the same old levels that I used to beat…


  3. I considered Clamps to be iconic, and thus a must have character. I blew Pizza on some fuel refills to help out, and boy did it. I had a round where I got 12, 12, 12, 12 of the bars I needed (The silver ones? Cant remember now) to complete Clamps. What I am mystified by is that neither Clamps nor Joey are Villians! That annoys me. My villians are very very low in number.


  4. I hate that when you hit an upgrade point like level 10 or 30, that you lose any chip overage there might have been to get them there. Would it be that hard to have the extra chips already applied after you promote your character?

    Still hate that there is no way to save game other than Facebook. I refuse to assimilate to them.


  5. Not knowing about events ahead of time. Many right now as I type this assume a new one will be starting but it may or may not be. A little heads up about what they are planning on doing a few days out would go a long way.


    1. My tip for you is to try to collect healthpacks in events. Also build up a team with all healers + the proffessor. The professor is the strongest character, his special action is the best and is normal action does multiple damage almost all the time. The team I built was: professor (scientist), scruffy (healer), labarbara (healer), xmass-bender (healer), powersuit amy (healer). All leverl 30.

      With this team and the healthpacks i was able to finish the scientist badge missions a few time, after wich i could upgrade the professor. I upgraded him to level 35. Then i finished the healer badge missions (influencer) a few times to upgrade my first healer to 35. Now onto the second healer. Etc.

      It becomes easier after every upgrade. With two lvl 35 chars i dont need to use any health packs anymore. Maybe its possible to to it without any healthpacks at all, but i am not sure. Good luck!


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