Good News Everyone…. We’re getting a break!!!!

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes you read that right. TinyCo have informed us there’s no new content or event looming this week so use this  downtime wisely. You could work through district content you’ve still to unlock, run more Doop missions, level up your A-Team or maybe just take a break from playing. The choice is yours….

21 thoughts on “Good News Everyone…. We’re getting a break!!!!

  1. I’ve seen a lot of conflicting info on the internet, so from the player community here, what is the best way to farm career chips? I’ve got 5 characters at LVL 48, trying to get to 50 so I can complete Decapod missions and then unlock the new district. I feel really bogged down by the game now and am losing interest, which is sad because I truly like Futurama (not just the game but the whole property) and I’ve been playing this game since launch. Maybe I misspent career chips on unnecessary characters, but I feel like I’m almost impossibly behind in the game now.


    1. Running the daily planet mission at the weekend is best way get career chips but it’s fuel heavy I’m afraid


      1. I get better returns from the final Larius cornwood mission (haven’t upgraded any of those characters to final rank). Plus they’re good all week long.


  2. Need more ways to earn towards 4-star class badges. If there was, that’s what I’d be working on. Doing the daily missions over & over for a handful of 2-star badges is going nowhere. My level 60 crew cannot get through the level 60 daily mission path, even wasting 60 pizza for healing, couldn’t make it. Feeling stuck in the game now, getting old fast.


    1. Hear, hear. The tendency for it to drop mainly 2-star badges means that you are lucky if you get enough to convert to a 4-star badge per day (max 6 runs per day equates to perhaps 5 3-star badges and 40 2-star badges = 4 3-star).


    2. I completely agree with this. It’s a joke having to do countless runs before you can even trade in for a 4 star badge

      For me, the daily mission for the badge i want is usually over once I’ve earnt enough for a single 4 star badge.
      It’s gonna take me months to promote a single person to 4 star.

      TBH Randy, even if you were to complete the Lvl 60 path, I’ve seen others say on here before that you still mostly get 2 star badges as rewards so you still have to grind missions.


  3. I have been working on more doop coins – almost scraped together the first 90k now – and Naked Professor. A week later and 4 lotions, 6 towels. The towel thing actually started off pretty well (no towel, 2 towels, no towel, 2 towels, 1 towel), so I thought everyone has been moaning for nothing, but after the first few good runs the towels pretty much stopped coming altogether. Has been days now since I saw the last one. At least there is no time limit on it…


  4. I’d like the questlines for ranking characters using promotion disks to be cleared from my active quests. Some disappeared either because they ranked up or because I didn’t have enough disks to continue but others have stayed. While I may have the relevant disks it would be too costly in Nixonbucks and career chips to level them up. Especially as I’m still trying to level up my main crew too.


    1. I have the same issue. Contacted TinyCo on the 17th May sking for a clear down. Not heard anything back yet though.


  5. Have tiny co confirmed this? Or is this speculation because nothing dropped? It’s good to be able to focus on getting Elzar for once.


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