Trouble On Eternium Event Alert!!!

Greetings Addicts!

Looks like we’re going to be finally getting Nibbler in our games with the Trouble In Eternium event that’s dropped in our games.

And remember I’ll be back with full details as soon as I’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for the live post

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some Nibbler Disks,  you know you want to!!!

~ Russian Tigger


18 thoughts on “Trouble On Eternium Event Alert!!!

  1. There was no reason to let this be an event with an end date, they could have let it continue as on on going quest so everyone could have collected the disks. If would still take a while to have the career chips and Nixonbucks to get through the levels to reach promotion levels.

    To have it as a timed event with nothing to follow it makes no sense.


  2. So once promoted to rank 4… with that last cost of 100 nibbler disks … are there any further costs needing disks? Can you collect the disks and use after the event? Or do you need to power level nibbler before the end of the event??


    1. You can’t collect Disks after the event but if you have the 100 needed you can promote him later. No further promotion dusks needed after the 100 to get him to Rank 4


  3. Is it worth buying the building vs. 10 refills of fuel? Doesn’t seem like it. How many disks does the building drop every 4 hours?


    1. 1 Disk every 4hrs, I’ve been trying find out if it drops after event. If you’re at max level and get 104 fuel you should be able to get all the Disks needed to level him up using just Couple fuel refills if you stay on top of using fuel as soon as refills


  4. Woohoo! Nibbler! I’ve been very excited to get him. Too bad the event is so short – would’ve loved to see a huge event with Nibbler, the Nibblonians, and the Brain Spawn.

    Also, very awesome that we have a viable replacement for Lrrr now. I levelled Lrrr, got him to Rank 4, but man, I really hate that Rank 4 ability. Totally detrimental to my main battle group. Just gotta get enough disks and career chips now…


  5. – Great that Nibbler has been added.
    – Rubbish that you can only promote him with disks as it means after this “event” is over most players will be stuck with a semi-ranked Nibbler and nowhere else to go until JamSh*tty decide to add disk collection back into the game.

    How many of us have got a Morbo or Titanius Anglesmith or Frydo (i know there’s many others that need disks too) that aren’t worth spending chips and bucks on to level up because disks were/are required to promote them too and haven’t come back in game since.


  6. Nibbler will probably throw a wrench in my party. I currently use the whole New Justice Team + Regular Farnsworth & ZooKeeper. Two splash damage, some powerful single hitters, and Captain Yesterday for the invincibility & Clobberella’s double attack. I planned to swap out Super King for Lrrr and ZooKeeper for Leo Wong when I leveled them enough, but Lrrr takes away Yesterday’s invincibility skill. Now Nibler is gonna have Lrrr’s advantages plus adding invincibility, so I may have to add him in too. ZooKeeper might get to stay and the New Justice Team will go completely away. A lot to think about because of one little character.

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  7. I’m happysad, we finally get an event, and we have to rush through it in just under a week?
    This is why TinyCo doesn’t have aywhere left to go!
    They need to stretch these things out a little. There’s no way to advance Nibbler very far up the levels without buying\spending valuable pizza. Even if you buy the Halls of Eternium, based on Castle Anglesmith, it’ll stop generating disks when the event ends. 😕


    1. The premium building should keep dropping Nibbler Disks but I’ll try get it confirmed – unfortunately they’ve confirmed the opposite, it won’t drop them. Don’t advise buying it under these circumstances


      1. I hope so, but I bought Castle Anglesmith in the hopes that I could keep upgrading Titanius (bender skin) but it quit on me at the end of the event. 😕
        Anything you could find out would be Much appreciated! 👍😁🌹


        1. It’s a definite No, sorry I was hopeful they’d have learned from past mistakes with premium buildings but no.


  8. I’m glad the game is currently continuing, as I love Futurama, but this cookie cutter content that they gave us has me worried though. It kinda seems like they are just throwing up the last character that was promised “Coming Soon to New New York” in the easiest fashion they could muster, so they can shut down the game with a clear conscience afterwards.


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