Good News Everyone Mystery New Content Alert – Digby

Good Evening Patient Players!!!

Looks like we’re getting a little chance to win a new costume with the latest addition to the premium Good News Everyone Mystery Box.

What’s new in the box? Well Digby, that what.

 Nibblonian Fry – Delivery Boy/Cool

But remember if you’re not one of our successful game completionist you’ll see some other characters you don’t have making a return. As I say what you see depends on what you already have but here’s the full list of possible contents. Also note you should only see Disks appear as a prize after promote characters after you win them but there’s been an off and on  glitch causing them to appear sooner for some players.


Digby Disks
Nibblonian Soldier Fry Disks
Nibblonian Soldier Fry
Fiona Disks
Robot Devil
Colonial Leela
Ghost Bender
Mecha Hermes
Malfunctioning Eddie
Off Duty URL
Hattie McDougal
Bachelor Fry
Devilish Fry
Hunter Bender
Robot Gypsy
Mr Peppy
Colonial Professor
Father Chengstein El-Gamal
Lee Lemon
Shakespeare Calculon
Slurm MacKenzie
Robot Leela
Ghost Calculon
Dr Cahill
Free Waterfall Jr

So what you waiting for, go check it out and decide if you’re going to try your luck, and don’t forget to share your prize/s in the comments!!!

~ Russian Tigger

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