Space Mission: Xmas Of The Undead & Chanukah Zombie Boss Overview

Greetings Space Cadets!!!

You need not fear us, we come in peace and only wish to supply you with information. And today’s out of this world mutterings concern Space Missions.

Space is quite literally the Futurama frontier, it’s where us Addicts boldly go to fight intergalactic villains and to gather resources. Want to know more? If so, join us after the fold.

So where are we off to today space raiders? Oh yes, you’d better buckle up cause we’re heading to Neptune to take a closer look at the Xmas of the Undead Mission and the Chanukah Zombie Boss.

Mission Name: Xmas Of The Undead
Mission Location: Neptune
Objective: Let’s Keep The Holidays Alive
Number of Paths: 1
Fuel Per Stop: 1
Total Fuel Required to complete all Paths: 11
Required Character: Power Suit Fry
Recommended Character Level: 25 (But can be done with a lower level crew)
Helpful Character/Level: None
Maximum Crew: 5
First Time Reward For First Path Completion: 2 Tera Career Chips, 5 Red Star Rubies, 5 Pizza, 54 Santa Medals
Repeatable Rewards for Completion: 1 Tera Career Chip, 9 Santa Medals, 1 Red Star Ruby, 5 Hypnotons (+1 Dreidal Medal for defeating Chanukah Zombie in combat)
One-Time Reward for 100% Completion: 5 Dreidal Medals, 25 Pizza
Combat Rewards: Santa Medals, Red Star Rubies, Dreidal Medal
Artifact: n/a
Addicts Tip: This is the mission I’m repeating as it’s the only one that can give you the 3 event materials on repeat, these are Santa Medals, Red Star Rubies & Dreidal Medals. And at only 11 fuel this mission can also be completed with a crew under the required level, I’ve completed it with an average crew level of 20 & 22 whilst testing things.

Path Stats
Stops: 11
Total Fuel Required: 11
Required character: None
Combats: 4 – and remember you will encounter the Chanukah Zombie Boss in the fourth combat.

These are the enemies I met on my first time completing the path:

  1. 2 Killbots, 2 Space Pirates
  2. 2 Robot Reindeer, 1 Space Bee
  3. 2 Killbots, 1 Space Bee, 1 Space Pirate
  4. Chanukah Zombie Boss, 1 Robot Reindeer, 2 Killbots (a further 1 Killbot was released by Chanukah Zombie during combat)

Interactions: 0

Rewards Stats
Path Rewards: 7 Peta Career Chips
Total Combat Rewards: 14 Santa Medals, Red Star Rubies, 1 Dreidal Medal – amount of Red Star Rubies varies depending on combat enemies but you’ll always get 1 Dreidal Medal for defeating the Chanukah Zombie Boss. This is the only way you can  get Dreidal Medals in a repeat mission. I’ll put a note my rewards on 10  repeats of the mission below to give you an idea what I’m earning from combats.
Total Interaction Rewards: n/a
Path 1 Completion Reward: 1 Tera Career Chip, 9 Santa Medals, 1 Red Star Ruby, 5 Hypnotons

Here are my total Combat Rewards over 10 repeats of the space mission. And again remember you will also get the path completion rewards on top of these which are 1 Tera Career Chip, 9 Santa Medals, 1 Red Star Ruby, 5 Hypnotons.

  1. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 5 Red Star  Rubies
  2. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 6 Red Star Rubies
  3. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 2 Red Star Rubies
  4. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 2 Red Star Rubies
  5. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 6 Red Star Rubies
  6. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 4 Red Star Rubies
  7. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 1 Red Star Ruby
  8. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 6 Red Star Rubies
  9. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 4 Red Star Rubies
  10. 14 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal, 2 Red Star Rubies

How does this work out in terms of collecting event materials? Well as you can see it’s only the Red Star Ruby amount that changed each time. So each time you repeat this mission, you’ll get event material rewards of 23 Santa Medals, 1 Dreidal Medal and a minimum of 1 Red Star Ruby for 11 Fuel.  Yes there are other missions you can repeat that get you more Santa Medals and Red Star Rubies but they won’t pay out a Dreidal Medal and it is these that the mission teaser hinted would be necessary to get Chanukah Zombie. So that’s why I’m farming this mission.

Glitch Alert: Some players are reporting the game crashing when hey are trying defeat Chanukah Zombie, TinyCo are looking into this.


He is triggered once you reach Pt. 7 of the main Questline, Holiday Fear, and this will see the Chanukah Zombie boss appear in the final combat of this mission.

To attack him the you’ll simply need some characters alive by the final combat. He’s not as tough as previous bosses, and although the level requirement is 25, I defeated him and completed the mission with a Level 20 crew. Basically with lower level crew try take an influencer and some scientists, and use your special abilities as they are charged. For higher crew, well I’m repeating the mission with a Level 30 crew and simply move through the early combats saving my charged up special abilities for the final combat with Chanukah Zombie. I simply unleash all my special abilities and 7/10 times killed him without him getting in an attack. The other 3 times I had to kill a minion he released before defeating him. But as I say with a Level 30 crew he is easy to defeat, which makes this a fine way to farm the 1 Dreidal Medal he drops.

Now I know this all looks daunting if you’re a new player, and but as I said it’s really just a Space Mission, and the Chanukah Zombie isn’t that tough, his special ability is to summon another minion enemy into the battle, and you must kill that minion in order to attack him, as released minions over him protection from damage, So basically as you kill enemies remember his special ability can let himcreate replacements, so you want to get to damaging him ASAP. You’ll know your damaging him by his health bar depleting.

So simply treat it like other missions and chip away at the enemies and Chanukah Zombie until you’ve defeated him. Remember to use your Spacial Abilities and I find Scientists are a good choice for this mission. Once Chanukah Zombie’s minions are defeated it’s just you against him, so attack and take him out.

Once you’ve defeated the Chanukah Zombie by reducing his health to 0, you’ll get your rewards which include the scarce Dreidal Medal.

And there you have it fellow space travellers, all the data on the Xmas Of The Undead Mission. Have you tried this Mission yet? Did you complete it or find it Mission impossible. Anything we missed or tips for fellow players? Tell us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


15 thoughts on “Space Mission: Xmas Of The Undead & Chanukah Zombie Boss Overview

    1. You need place him in your game, he costs 100 Santa Medals from the store, then you need to collect the unlock requirements to have him as a full character


  1. Mine only crashed on me once. I’m just wondering if I missed the start of phase 2. 10 pm Thursday night and still nothing. I waited all Wednesday, now Thursday is almost it gone. Has it just not started or is my device acting up?


  2. mine is crashing on this level after any single enemy dies. so i have to make sure i have lots of science and have everyone’s special skill ready so i can use them all at once to kill everything in the same round/attack.


    1. It happens when two attacks start happening at the same time AND a character on either side dies and then is targeted again. You can increase your odds of finishing if two attacks start happening at the same time, target a strong enemy (lessening, but not eliminating, the danger of a crash) once the boss uses his power or says something, the double attacks will often stop and you are say to kill (and die) again.

      This has been my experience.


  3. Had a weird thing happen against the boss (only fought once so far). It started normally, and the first time I used someone’s skill was either Roberto or professor everyone started double attacking. Including the boss. Like if a character tosses something for his attack he threw two at the same time. 1 slightly after the other but tossed before the first one landed. Each hit was counting. And then boss was almost dead and everything kinda froze. I hit the home key and then went back into the game (this sometimes works in games that a video ad freezes in) but nothing. I hit the “X” in the corner and cancelled it and it unfroze. But now everyone was fighting normally with no doubling up.

    Was so weird.


  4. I just target the big bad so he dies first and it’s really easy. Just select him before you start and have at it. It took a zillion repeats to get the 1200 medals for the last building, but I got week one done (apparently) way early so I’ve been wrapping up other threads I had hanging. Nice to not be racing the clock to finish, but they could’ve put another prize in the tree (especially if they had made that building a little cheaper).


  5. I’d rather fight this guy over and over for 50 Santa Medals than rehash level 1-5 over and over for 1225 Santa Medals. This is getting really old really fast.


  6. I didn’t notice the fact Dreidal’s help you potentially unlock Chanukah zombie so thanks for that info.

    Is anyone else noticing that they’ve got no more questlines for this event?
    I’ve unlocked bender and power suit fry, done their individual character missions, completed the main one too and now nothing new is popping up. Only got 1 building left to purchase (the time building) but I don’t know if it is necessary as there’s no quest or anything to say ‘go get this building’.
    I’m on the latest app version playing on iPhone.


  7. Encountered a different glitch today. The whole battle just freezes, but there’s no crash. Could even still tap on characters and stuff. Just no movement. Luckily, I was able to kick it back into gear by pressing the [X] in the top-left of the screen and just cancelling.


    1. I had this happen a lot a while back. Next time, just hit X and then continue and it’ll probably get going again. Took me longer than it should have to try that.


  8. There are 3 items available in the store that can be purchased with Dreidal Medals. You can tap the “i” beside the items to get a count on how many total medals you have.


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