End Of Event Poll – An Xmas Xarol

Greetings New Year New New Yorkers!!!

I know it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but it’s really just the end of the event. Want to share how you did with your fellow humans? If so, join us after the fold.

Ah you decided to join us. Ok then, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and complete the poll below, before the next event hits and you don’t have time to scratch your a… ehm, chin, never  mind fill out our stupid polls. Go on, you know you want to!!!

Oh and if you can’t see the poll thank your lucky stars there isn’t a link to it HERE, oh wait there is, afraid there’s no escaping it.

And don’t forget you can tell us what you thought of the event in the comments as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


17 thoughts on “End Of Event Poll – An Xmas Xarol

  1. The content was pretty entertaining (once again, great work from the writers), but I felt it was just completely overshadowed by how much grinding was needed to get items. On top of that, you need drops that come from buildings and only have a chance of appearing every few hours. I really felt like I was spending a good chunk of my holidays grinding through a game I WANT to enjoy, but…

    And after all that, I still didn’t complete the event. Almost unlocked Kwanzaabot, then ran out of time. Wanted the Professor’s power suit too – looked really cool.


  2. It was just impossible to u lock the buildings in a timely fashion to unlock the next items. I never got close to kwanzaabot and since he was mandatory to advance, I never even saw the final weeks missions or got the chance to grab professor suit or snowtron


  3. This event killed me. I’m never behind in events because I play a ton. Even (regretfully) spent some pizza on several fuel refills. Had the unwanted Xmas tree lot for 10 days and it didn’t drop all that I needed, despite the “uncommon” drop rate. First event I didn’t complete. Only character I wanted and didn’t get was Kwanzaabot. Would gladly trade turbo neptunian for him so I don’t have to hear “I’ll rip you apart” every 2 seconds.


  4. Not a fan of blocking player progress by mandatory costume/character unlock. All progression for missions or quests should not rely on unlocking characters or skins. Its a “CHEAP” game tactic designed to pad the game length or dev’s version of game value. Very poor customer respect of time/ outside commitment.


  5. I missed the last weekly challenge by two reindeer. Two. How is that even possible?! Only three spawned one time instead of five. WTF?! I waited hours on the last day for any more to appear and none did. I am extremely ticked!

    But, overall, this one wasn’t fair was it? It seemed like most kinds of jewels took about two units of fuel to get (once you had the 100% completion bonuses at least). For some items you need hundreds of jewels of one type or another, and there were a lot of items to get. There’s not enough time in the week to earn that much fuel, so you have to buy it (or get from a level-up bonus if you still get those). Ditto for PvP fight rewards. It takes two hours to recharge, so the most you can do in a week is 84, right? How many orbs can you really get that way?

    And with different badges available on different days from the Daily planet on top of this chaos, promoting characters was a logistical hassle on top of being too difficult (and fuel-consuming). I still haven’t promoted Amy, Fry, and the Professor like the the task wanted me to, and not for lack of trying. I couldn’t get Power Suit Fry up enough to get Santa’s Aides, and couldn’t have spared the fuel anyway. That thing was like 20 units long and what? seven? paths wide? That’s one day’s fuel right there.

    I was way ahead the first couple of weeks, but I got behind and could not find a way to catch up through sweat, so I bought some pizza because I really wanted Robot Santa. If I’d been able to catch two more reindeer, I would not be angry about this event, but I still don’t think the math works. As is, I’m pissed off because I feel I was cheated at the very end by a lack of reindeer on the last day. Especially since it was only two deer (the one item on the list that had nothing to do with game play and everything to do with drop frequency) short.

    I’m mad enough I’m not going to buy any more pizza any time soon. Maybe ever. (I have never bought clams in FG or donuts in TO. I’d bought pizza once before in WOT.)


  6. I loved the first major event where there was only one currency that you used for the entire prize track and any store purchases, and you could save it up after you finished an act to use it for the next act. This event had 11 different currencies that you had to collect (Santa medals, 5 jewels, 4 boss medals and orbs), and on top of that, 10 of those all came from unique ways. It was the first event where they really designed it to not be able to be finished just by grinding, and when I came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to grind to all the decorations, I just stopped trying to finish the prize tracks after I got the character earning stuff. That was great for my stress levels, but took any fun out of playing.
    Plus the first event let you send characters you already owned on tasks to earn currencies. More and more now I don’t care about buying new characters because I know after the event is over, they will never be used again. And why does every new free character have to be leveled up so high for the event? At the beginning, you just had to do maybe level 17 in order to complete everything. Now it is always a must of level 30 and even that isn’t a guarantee you can complete all the levels.
    Finally, the Daily Planet was a horrible addition at a time when so much grinding of event levels was required. Fuel was just too sparse. If only TinyCo would make the useless XP convert to fuel after a player hits max level. That would have leveled the playing field a little. Fuel is the only thing you can’t grind for and it was in way too much demand, but unfortunately that looks like it is going to be the norm from now on. Maybe if I didn’t have to waste so much fuel on the Daily Planet, then I could have grinded enough on the event missions to get at least all the prize track stuff.


  7. I gave up trying when i got stuck on trying to unlock Turbo. Too many Santa badges to grind for to unlock decos or buildings that aren’t useful in order to get to the ones that are, and the epic drop rate on the shirts was frustrating. Also, didn’t earn even one of the weekly challenges this time. It would be nice, for example, if ANY Neptunians counted toward the defeat count, not just the ones on certain missions. I was in week 3 missions trying to earn drops for other things, and chose not to use fuel grinding missions that didn’t do anything for me but earn a useless deco. I liked the content and costumes i got to see. Wish i could have had a reasonable shot to see all of it.


  8. The only word I want to use is “Crashy”. The constant locking up or quitting made this a complete waste of time by the end. 3 or 4 restarts just to complete a mission (and then the amount of drops is miniscule anyway). Today game freezes in a couple of second of displaying New New York, so cannot do a thing. Advanced Task Killer shows plenty of free RAM and closed down all foreground and background tasks.

    Just really disappointed, they had one chance to get the first Xmas event right (because subsequent ones can never be as good as all the favourites characters have already been released) and they blew it big time.


  9. I am this || far away from quitting this game. A super hard, super grindy event PLUS PvP dropped on us PLUS a super grindy new character upgrading system… Too much! My camel is one straw away from having a broken back.


  10. hated it. worst event to date. item drops were not as advertised. even more grinding required than the robot devil event – grind Neptune space battles to get items to buy buildings which dropped items to unlock characters!!
    and then Turbo came along (which was a required character to progress) but we needed turbo coins to unlock him which you only got by doing a space battle to 100% but couldn’t because you needed a level 40+ character but to get any character to that level you had to grind the Daily Planet missions (at 2 dark matter a stop!!) and then wait til the next day to see if the mission was for Robot or Delivery Boy or Captain badges ….. basically just far far far too much shoehorned in whilst in the middle of an already packed/time consuming xmas event.
    i actually contacted tiny co to ask how come some Daily Planet missions were taking 2 fuel per stop when it’s normally 1. the person who replied came across as a right **** and basically just said they didnt know why without offering anything else. great support service that TinyCo, well done!!

    they need to lower the amount of badges required to promote, lower the cost of upgrading/promoting a character to the next level, lower the cost that each chip levels up a character. most importantly they need to uncap the amount of $$ you can build up.

    i did like the PvP battles though. that was a really good way to pass the time waiting for the event to be over.


    1. The 2 and wise 3 fuel per stop is tough on Daily Planet, I’m constantly running out – need sort out higher xp levels to get fuel refills going again


  11. Clearly this event was very naughty!

    But I am glad to say, I got everything I really wanted, including Santa as of today. Skipped Santa’s Aides, didn’t feel like the characters were worth the resources needed to complete the map.

    I really hope, TinyCo does a better job at testing their events in the future. This event was buggy and unbalanced like crazy. So naughty!


  12. I barely made it into week 4 to get power suit Leela. Way too much grinding has been added to the game imho. I would spend 5-10 minutes per gaming session prior to this event. I found myself playing for 30 minutes or more at a time for this last event. Way too much time, again imho, and to be bottlenecked by bad drop rates too.
    I hope the next events aren’t so annoying or grindy.

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  13. I gave up on the event not long after getting Power Suit Scruffy. I liked the space missions so was glad many were added but the way they did it was horrible. Locking you out of missions until you have a specific character is understandable but to make you play the last few unlocked over and over and over again to get the materials you needed for buildings was far too monotonous for me to continue with. And you had to do that same thing over again for each building. Horrible.

    Then they through in the PVP system which is the space battles mechanic so if you were bored of the grind for materials you wouldn’t get much enjoyment having to do the battles over and over for no materials to help in the event.

    In the end I just maxed out my wallet.


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