Bad News Everyone – Character Level Up Glitch

Tiny gremlins are at work again, and it looks like they are blocking us from levelling up any characters we had in our PVP Universe crew at the end of the An Xmas Xarol event. If you try to level up any character you had as crew you’ll get the message below, however please note all other characters are unaffected. For example my crew was Leela, Amy, Professor, Power Suit Fry & Roberto, so I’m currently unable to level any of them up. Obviously who is affected in your game will differ as it depends on who was in your Crew. TinyCo are aware of the issue so hopefully a fix is on the way soon.

~ Russian Tigger

4 thoughts on “Bad News Everyone – Character Level Up Glitch

  1. You can’t upgrade any characters above level 30, if you promote any character from 2nd level to 3rd, you will also lose any career chips & cash you spent on it… i promoted my robot santa from level 2 to 3, and when I reopened the game 5 minutes later to see if it saved, he was back to level 2, and my science chips were all used up… so mad right now…


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