Good News Everyone!!! The Game Lives On….

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes, at last, finally we are seeing signs of life aboard the good ship TinyCo, and confirmation has come that Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow will indeed go on.

However not as we know it Addicts, as we will be seeing new content and updates less often. Although in my mind this isn’t a bad thing, as too much too soon was making the game less fun than it ought to be.

But don’t take my word for any of this, instead here’s what TinyNixon had to say on the FWOT Sub Reddit earlier today.

“Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Sorry for not being able to communicate for a while, circumstances conspired against that for a bit! I know that doesn’t excuse my absence but please know that I wanted very badly to communicate with you all with any updates if I had had them.

Good news, everyone: the game is not dead! That being said, releases moving forward will be a bit more infrequent, not at the pace you were used to before. We are looking to release the next batch of content next month.

I appreciate you all for sticking around during nebulous times, you’re a tight group of amazing fans! I’ll let you all know more details as I know them moving forward”.



17 thoughts on “Good News Everyone!!! The Game Lives On….

  1. Have you heard any more about new content? I don’t want to invest any more time if the only goal now is just to level up characters.


  2. I just can’t quite get the hang of this missions to get badges to get my characters over the level 30 cap. When i try and do the level 30 missions i have to use the health packs and even with that can’t quite seem to complete the missions without all my characters dying. I honestly gave up a few weeks ago even trying, the daily missions are the same, level 30 and I can’t finish one with my level 30 characters.
    I thought i had gotten behind and was not getting any new events in my game but read here just now that there is a current content drought. I would be fine with that if I weren’t stuck at level 30 😦


  3. I am ready to say this game can “bite my shiny metal ass!” I’ve been trying to unlock Elzar to complete Crab Boil now for weeks and weeks and still only have 5/13 Togue Blanches. How did others unlock him so easily? Over two months just trying to finish one quest line (CB) is ridiculous!!


  4. I for one would welcome reruns of previous missions occasionally. There are some I missed because they ran before I joined the game and others I didn’t finish. It’s frustrating to have dozens of characters I’m never likely to use again otherwise. It would be better than no events for weeks on end.


  5. This game has become a solid grind, so a lot of time between updates is fine by me. I’ve been playing since launch and am working on unlocking the Mom area as well as working a group of 5 characters to level 60. It feels like everything is taking so long to accomplish and I don’t have oodles of time to put in on this game.


  6. What I found is that the events went too quickly for my play style. I’m sure there was a ton of stuff they made that I never got a chance to see. Simple solution? Allow players to independently retrigger past events and play them each again at will (robot devil again anyone) that way we could replay through all that great content at our pace and tiny Co wouldn’t have to scramble for something new all the time. Just give each player one event slot and let them pick whatever event they want to focus on from past content at any given time. If tiny Co releases a new event then we just drop the slot and participate currently and then whenever we go back and play through older stuff again at will

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  7. I agree breaks between content will make the game more accessible, especially to newer players. Ever since the addition of promotion badges and the daily planet, it seemed like you were always stretched too thin. I finally started just reaching the point in each event where, when I felt I earned all I would be able to comfortably, I would abandon an event for daily missions or work on a district, or I would be too constantly stressed about if I would earn something before it was taken away.
    That being said, if there are always going to be long breaks of a full month or more, I would like to see Tinyco put something in the settings area or such where it gives a date when the next thing will be dropping. Just a note like “Be on the lookout July 2nd for our next event.” That way the people who only show up for new content (I’m not one of them since I’m still way behind on getting Mom) will know when to come back.
    I loved Futurama the show and grateful that we have this game to keep that humor in our lives, so I’m very glad they didn’t kill it for Harry Potter. Harry Potter doesn’t seem like a sandbox game from what I’ve seen of it, so it looks like it will have a definite ending when your character gets through school and solves the mystery, but Futurama could continue to make new sci-fi stories indefinitely. And I put $100 into Futurama during Cornwood, so that would a real kick in the ***** if it ended a month after doing that.


  8. I just was wondering if they died. Like others have said I think they tried to push out to much to fast and left people weary of the game. Considering the show wasn’t around that long trying to keep up with simpsons was a bad move IMO. Futurama is a great show but TinyCO seems to have forgotten that Simpsons had an extra what 20 25 years of content to pull from. I will keep trying to get more Career chips and level up characters if you think they are coming back. I hope they do a mass send characters on jobs it would be simpler that sending them one at ta time. Thanks Have a great day!


  9. I like the idea of playing at a slower pace for new content. I’ve got plenty of work to do to catch up and upgrade the charachters I’ve unlocked so far. Most of my players are only at level 22 and it appears they need to be much nearer level 60 to be able get close to unlocking Mom, let alone attacking Decopodia to get me some Zoiberg, the rich doctor, why not?
    Don’t forget…..NIBBLER!


  10. I’m glad that the game will continue at a less frequent pace. They supplied *so* much content very quickly that there’s still lots I still haven’t unlocked. I’m currently working on Zoidberg (darn Blob and Hermes won’t give up those cheeseburgers easily lol) and slowly working toward unlocking more of the content in the embassies update.


  11. I’ve been able to do more Daily Planet missions trying to get 4 star badges accumulated. Almost got 5 level 60s. Also been getting many Doop missions completed.


  12. I’m glad they are taking a slow and steady course with this game. If the want to grow the numbers playing the game and the associated revenue they need to let new members be able to participate. I think they went too fast too soon and left beginners and middle players in the dust; which caused people to stop playing. There will always be big spenders who want to quickly level/rank up without regard to cost. But it’s the dedicated players who want to stay with the game for years that Tiny Co needs to recognize and reward


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