Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Event is LIVE!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to a whole new level of hell. Where the robots are bad right down to their nuts…. and bolts. Where it’s getting hot in the city where the Incubots roam. So feel free to hide in your closet as you read this, as we’re going t bring you all the frightful facts about Episode 2 – Robot Hell On Earth.


Please click HERE to be taken to the Event Page where you’ll find links to all the posts related to the Robot Hell on Earth event.


The App Version that brings the new content is 1.4.3 so make sure you’ve uploaded to this, you’ll know you have when game Icon changes to this.

And please note lots players saying their game is freezing when try load the game after updating, but there is a delay when you first open the game again, a pop up will tell you loading will take a minute but it can be quite a bit more than this, try to keep your device active during this period, ie don’t let your device auto sleep etc.


8th November 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is Devilish Deal

However there’s a 1 part Questline before this Triggers, All About Robot Hell. This consists of :

Learn About Hell On Earth
Have Fry Be Suspicious (6s)
Have Bender Draw Graffiti (6s)

Once you complete the above you will trigger the main Questline Devilish Deal

Pt 1:

Build the Inferno – Costs 500 Nixonbucks & takes 30s to build
Build the Travelling Caravan – Costs 1,500 Nixonbucks & takes 30s to build (comes with Robot Gypsy to unlock)
Have Fry Weigh His Options (6s)

Pt. 2:

Clear 5 Robot Incubots – you’ll find these little devils wandering your roads, simply tap them to clear
Have Amy Hide From Incubots (8h)
Have Kif Run For His Life (6h)


The main event currency is Robot Souls, and you can get these from:

Robot Souls (Always): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, The Inferno, Complete Questline Parts, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

The other essential materials are:

Incubot Metal (Uncommon): Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Gasoline (Rare): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Fuses (Common): Food-O-Matic, Avenue Hotel, Modest Business Building, New New York Plaza

Wires (Uncommon): Defeat Incubots


 Blatherbot (Full character – Robot): Task to drop 1 Gasoline every 4 hours, can clear Incubot Terrorized Humans. Comes with the League Of Robots – Costs 250 (League Of Robots Drops 2 Robot Souls every 2hrs)

Robot Gypsy (Full character – Influencer): Comes with Travelling Caravan, can clear Incubot Terrorized Humans. You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking her at Devilish Deal Pt. 1

5 Candles (Common): Get from Carnival Tent
6 Tarot Cards (Uncommon): Get from Travelling Caravan
4 Planchette (Rare):  Get from The Inferno
10 Crystal Ball (Rare): Get from Suicide Booth

Devilish Fry (Outfit – Captain): You will see this outfit appear in the Outfit-O-Matic to start unlocking when you start Devilish Deal Questline.

5 Playbills (Uncommon): Get from the Hard Times Casino
10 Cufflinks (Uncommon):Get from the Ice Cream Stand
10 Opera Glasses (Rare): Get from Corn Dog Stand
18 Holophoner (Rare): Get from Suicide Booth


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

League Of Robots (comes with Blatherbot, drops 1x Gasoline & 2x Robot Souls every 2hrs)~ 250

Fire Bombmaker (drops 2x Bombs & 4x Robot Souls every 6hrs) ~ 150


There are 2 areas in play at the moment:

1: Bomb Factory (more details below)

2: Hell’s Riches (more details below)


Ok, how do you deal with Robot Incubots in space? Well with a Fire Bombs of course, and here’s where you’ll make them.

But first you’ll need to gather the following resources, Gasoline, Wires & Fuses. You need 1 of each to create 3 Fire Bombs.

Gasoline (Rare): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Fuses (Common): Food-O-Matic, Avenue Hotel, Modest Business Building, New New York Plaza

Wires (Uncommon): Defeat Incubots

Once you have at least 1 of each resource you can simply tap “Create” to start building your Fire Bombs, each batch of 3 takes 2 hours and you can build up to 6 batches in your queuing system.

Please note you can only hold a maximum of 50 Fire Bomb in your inventory at any time, but I don’t see that being an issue for any of us.


Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week One…. Please note I’m still pulling unlock costs and will update this ASAP.

Carnival Tent: 40xp & 5 Robot Souls every 8hrs, Chance Drop of 2 Candles
Cost~ 100 Robot Souls & 11 Incubot Metal

Reckless Teds Funland Sign: No drops
Cost~ 250 Robot Souls & 20 Incubot Metal

Corn Dog Stand:  35xp & 3 Robot Souls every 4hrs, Chance Drop of 2 Opera Glasses
Cost~ 375 Robot Souls and 25 Incubot Metal

Ice Cream Stand: 50xp & 4 Robot Souls every 6hrs, Chance Drop of 2 Cufflinks
Cost~ 150 Robots Souls and 10 Incubot Metal

Wheel Of Robots: No drops
Cost~ 150 Robots Souls and 15 Incubot Metal

Hard Times Casino: 60xp & 5 Robot Souls every 8hrs, Chance Drop of 2 Playbill
Cost~ 200 Robot Souls and 15 Incubot Metal

Giant Robot Devil Head: No drops
Cost~250 Robot Souls and 20 Incubot Metal


You will see Robot Incubots running around your sidewalks once you reach Pt 2 of the main Questline. You simply need to tap them twice to clear them. Once cleared you will need to wait for another batch to spawn.

The rewards you get for clearing them are as follows:

1 Gasoline (Chance)
1 Wire (Chance)


You will see Incubots Terrorising Citizens on your sidewalks once you reach Pt 6 of the main Questline and you need to put a Character on a task to clear them. There are only 2 Characters that can do this, Robot Gypsy and Blatherbot. Simply tap on a Terrorized Citizen, and you’ll bring up the attack screen. On this screen you’ll see the heart Power of the Incubot and the Characters you can use to take the heart Power to 0. So far the Incobots terrorising citizens have all showed 10 Heart Power so either Character can reduce them to 0. It takes 6 hours for the task to complete.

The rewards you get for clearing them are as follows:

1 Gasoline (Chance)
25 Robot Souls (Always)


And we’re on our travels again, as this first week of the event brings us 1 new Space Mission to complete. It’s located on Chapek 9 and will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline. This mission will take some time to navigate but you can’t ignore it forever as it’s the source of many resources you’ll need to progress. I’ll have more on this in the  Mission post to come but will give you the basics below. And here’s a rough stitch of the Mission.

Chapek 9 Mission 6: Dead On Arrival

Unlocks with Main Questline.

For this Mission as long as you’ve got a Level 9 Character unlocked you’ll be able to start the  Mission, however to 100% complete it you’ll need a Level 22 Scientist, Level 22 Villian, Level 20 Robot, Level 12 Fry & Level 14 Robot Gypsy. Not much to ask is it, lol. That alone should tell you this isn’t meant to completed any time soon.

The Mission comprises of Combats and is the only place to gather the Incubot Metal needed to buy items in Hell’s Riches.  You’ll also encounter tough Robot Incubots during combats, now these can be easily destroyed by a Fire Bomb, but if you’ve none and can’t wait to head into space if you take a very high level crew, I’m talking 5 crew members at Level 21-25 and above, then you can grind away at damaging them, but believe me it’s a long, arduous process, it took me almost 10 minutes to take out one Robot Incubot in one combat without a Fire Bomb, and there’s 11 Combats on the easiest path alone, and some of these Combats have more than 1 Robot Incubot to defeat. so go on the Mission with some Fire Bombs to use or a lot of time to kill, I’m talking maybe 2 hours to complete the path without Fire Bombs.

If you’re wondering why it takes so long well your characters only do -1 damage to them even with Critical Hits. They have a permanent shield. But the good news is they don’t inflict heavy damage so if you take a high level crew including an Influencer you can grind it out.

Addicts Tips: Now here’s a quick lowdown on the taking the easiest path to get you going, this is the path right through the middle and the only fully opened path.

You’ll need 47 fuel to complete it.

You’ll want a high level crew, including a Robot and an Influencer. I’m using Fry L22, Leela L23, Scruffy L21, Amy L24, Bender L22.

You’ll encounter 11 Combats along the path and across these Combats you will encounter a minimum of 11 Robot Incubots, (I actually saw 14 in my run through of the Path) so be prepared.

You’ll need a haul of Fire Bombs or the patience of a saint to complete the path.

To use a Fire Bomb tap on the little Fire Bomb at the top centre, this will then allow you to select the Robot Incubot you want to defeat. You can only defeat 1 with each Fire Bomb. But be careful not to be wasteful by accidentally hitting standard enemies with your Fire Bombs.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re frightfully excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

75 thoughts on “Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Event is LIVE!!!

  1. Just as an FYI, I dislike the handling of this event. If you haven’t been playing since day one, you’re SOL. I’m at level 17, and only have 41 dark matter balls at max, and the shortest path takes 47 balls… plus there are people who are completely missing out on the event because they lack Central Park (which only unlocks after you’ve found the artifacts on Omicron Persei 8, Mars, and the Moon).

    Personally I think for future events they should:

    1) Have at least one shorter flight path that only takes 25 balls (so even a level one could participate).
    2) A subset of the prize track that is easily attainable for the lower level players (I don’t mind if there would be prizes that are only attainable for upper level people).
    3) The ability to unlock Central Park (not the district, just the park itself) right away in the game, especially if they intend to use the park as the launching pad for other future events.
    4) One character who is easily unlockable (could be in Week 1 of the event), with a harder character later on for upper level players.


  2. What level do you need to be on to start the event? I just started playing a couple of weeks ago and its not showing me anything about the event.


  3. Holophoners and crystal balls are both ‘rare’ from the suicide booth, but I’ve gotten 15 holophoners for Fry’s outfit and 0 crystal balls. I’m wondering if they’ve been stopping the balls from falling. I guess I’ll find out once I finish the holo’s.


    1. I can confirm in my game the Crystal Balls drop increased dramatically once I had all the Holophoners. I think they only dropped once before then, but 2 dropped at a time.


        1. Don’t judge on my stats I’m speeding up to test out things for posts. Don’t think your falling behind based on where I am. Good luck


        1. Okay, I’ve had all the holophoners for Fry for over a day and still need six crystal balls… and the dang booth just dropped me three more holophoners! I call that a messed up drop table, as if there was any question before.


    2. I have news for you the update broke many. I left mine open for over 2hrs and all it did was shift me to another screen with a dialog box that has scruffy in it saying hint and currency error which reloads the game back to the first dialog box about robot hell then you hit awesome button again which leads to the devilhands fry box which leads to scruffy box. So your assessment is wrong.


            1. wait, so you’re saying it autocorrected to that? wonder how often are you typing it without realizing it…. 🤣

              and thank you very much, it’s a cause that is near and dear to my heart.


              1. The autocorrect on my IPad is bizarre, it makes up new words and everything. I’ve reset the dictionary many times but all to no avail.


        1. Sure, not that they will do anything about it. I spent a massive amount of time figuring out how to get into support on the app and managed to when the daily reward shows up at midnight. as soon as you hop out of support the event dialog box shows up and send you right back on the same loop. I also left my ipad on the screen with devil hands fry open all night to no avail. So it sat open on that screen for 8+ hrs. I even went as far as to load the game on an iphone since its linked and it just did the same thing so it must be saved in with the game data. The only thing i haven’t done is load it on my htc which i can’t imagine will produce anymore results and just waist more of my time.


            1. your welcome, Though I don’t think three days later that i will hold my breath. We are far enough in on this event with how they time gate the crap out of every little thing that it will matter. I would have no complaints with them had they kept their word and at the very least and gave a response on their facebook page. Coding can be the devil and most of us realize that. Its the complete and utter lack of a response that boils my blood. As it is it would appear they either don’t care or don’t believe there is a problem.


                1. Got an update for ya, Got a response from support saying its a known issue but not to send in any more support tickets as it could delay the fix or get filtered by a spam filter. In all my years of playing games thats the first time i have ever had a support response saying don’t sand any more messages on an issue. My daughter sent in a support ticket as well and got a different response basically if your stuck on the screen with fry that its not a bug or an error, its a very heavy loading process then goes on to mention the error message which they know about but have no timeframe on it which is code speak for they are not addressing it at all. All they would have to do to fix that issue is add an X button to the first event box which would most likely work right around it.

                  Here is the funny part. It took her ipad maybe 15 seconds to run that “heavy loading process”. So basically they are talking out their wazoo.


                  1. Nathan posted this earlier, not sure if will help you

                    For android users with invalid currency error. When you enter the game hold your finger down on the closest building and get into inventory. Find the building The Inferno and place it in your inventory. Hit the Awesome button, then the Go button, the error should be gone. Make sure your device doesn’t go into sleep mode and be prepared to wait. Took about 15 minutes, but after 5 days I finally got into the event. Playing on an HTC phone with android.


                    1. thank you for the info, i tried all sorts of things to no avail. They did however push a fix out to everyone, worked on mine. now to do some math and figure out just how far behind we are. My guess is without money or spending a massive amount of time on it we are hosed.


    1. Lucky you!!! Or maybe not as that’s less Incubot Metal, lol. The enemies we see can vary as happens in other missions. They can also change as we redo paths just to keep us on our toes.


  4. Samsung s8 not working for me. No idea if I’ve set up on Facebook so scared to Uninstall and reinstall. Seems there’s a lot of issues on the past store as well. Get to second screen with fry saying Wait to load but no go


    1. Do me a favour and try again but just wait, the first time you open app after updating there’s some work going on behind scenes and it can take bit time, you should see a pop up with Devilish Fry telling you it will take a minute but it can be considerably longer after you hit GO. Try make sure your device doesn’t go sleep in this time. If you’re not getting as far as seeing the Robot Hell pop up, I’ve put an image of it in post, then it’s a job for TnyCo I’m afraid.


  5. I am also having problems getting on. Anytime I hit the Go button I get error trying to get hint for invalid currency type event. Also already tried uninstalling and re-installing, any suggestions?


    1. Does it allow you to send help request to TinyCo? Can you screenshot the error and send them it. Can you tell us details of device your playing on?


          1. Will the game still load if i don’t hit the Go button? Should I just leave it on that screen for 20 minutes, not letting it go to sleep?


              1. I figured out the error is from placing the inferno building before the event started. Just have no time to get it into inventory before the awesome button pops up.


                1. So now know what’s causing it need a solution. I wonder if you could ask TinyCo to manually remove it from your game. Have you contacted them?


                  1. For android users with invalid currency error. When you enter the game hold your finger down on the closest building and get into inventory. Find the building The Inferno and place it in your inventory. Hit the Awesome button, then the Go button, the error should be gone. Make sure your device doesn’t go into sleep mode and be prepared to wait. Took about 15 minutes, but after 5 days I finally got into the event. Playing on an HTC phone with android.


    2. For anyone having problems with loading from the “Hell Screen”, I found the answer on Reddit.

      Apparently, it takes awhile to load the event. Make sure that the Futurama WOT icon has changed to the “Devil” robot face. Also, make sure to disable your phone from going into Sleep Mode. From the “Hell Screen”, when you hit the “Go” button, let it run. Took me 10 to 15 min before the event finally loaded.


      1. I left mine open for over 2 hours all it does is cause a loop, this is a wider issue. Funny thing is my daughter has the same version of ipad as i do hers works fine. I went as far as to port it to another device, my wifes iphone and you guessed it same issue.


  6. I’m kind of far behind on the story because reasons, so I have a 4 member crew for the mission, I can walk through the mission using 2 scientist, a robot and a influencer. The influencer and the robot are mandatory to survive (Robot will increase defense to the point enemies will only deal 1 damage and influencer because before reaching the point of 1 damage you will sustain heavy hp decrease). I use 2 scientist because the last match will have 2 incubots always (at least on my 4 runs so far) and given that any hit against incubots will always will be 1 point, scientist will be able to dish out faster both incubots (altough I havent tested full delivery boy crew, which provides a higher amount of specials to increase the single target damage).


  7. if you have the time/patience, it takes about 8 and a half minutes to defeat an incubate without a fire bomb. just set the battle, and let it run until the end… no need to critical hit, as every attack with only hurt-1 damage.


  8. Never mind. With everything going on at the top of the screen, I missed the bomb icon in the middle of it all. On a side note, it really helps to have a robot on your crew for the missions. I never knew their special defense action had a cumulative effect. I had to grind out the last 2 stops, which had 3 Incubots total to destroy, without bombs. I was able to use Bender’s action enough that my whole crew only took 1 point of damage from each attack of the Incubot.


    1. It’s a heavy update, easy miss something when you’re getting grips with it all. Are you enjoying it so far?


      1. Yep, so far I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for doing this site. It really helps to have a place to get info on the updates, and a place to exchange ideas with other places.


  9. This may be a stupid question, but how do I use the fire bombs on the space mission? I have 6 of them, but I don’t see any way to use them while battling. All of my crew just keeps hitting the Incubot with the single point damage. What am I missing? Thanks.


    1. Tap little Fire Bomb icon at the top, if you have Bombs available it will then let you target a Robot Incubit. You’ll encounter 14 across the 11 Combats as you move along the unlocked path


  10. Unfortunately, I will not be able to play the current Halloween event as my game has stopped while loading the event. I get pass the welcome screen for the event, but not the second screen that tells me it wants to reload the game The game is at version 1.4.3

    I’ve already tried powering off/on the phone (Android 5.0) and clearing the cache, but so far neither option has worked. Already email Tinyco (can’t do it through the game).

    I would uninstall and reinstall the game, but I don’t have a Facebook account (nor plan to get one). I’m waiting on TinyCo to implement a gmail account login (like they did on Family Guy).

    Really disappointed, because I know how much grinding you have to do for this game.


    1. You could create a game Facebook account, ie create a Facebook rookie but don’t add any friends just use it to save your game, that’s what I’ve done.


    2. Have the same problem on my iphone and iPad, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it doesn’t make a difference


      1. I’m playing fine on IPad Air 2, IPhone 7 and IPad pro. Can you tell us what exact device your playing on? A few players are having issues, trying see if there’s a pattern.


        1. Same issue for me. I am playing on LG G5 and samsung tablet. Bummer not being able to play. But since I cant enter the game to contact tinyco, anyone know the email address to send to?


            1. Thanks for the help.. I followed instructions above. Turned off sleep mode in my phone and waited.. Eventually the game loaded.. Just took about 30 min 🙂


          1. Do me a favour and try again on iPad Air 2 but just wait, the first time you open app after updating there’s some work going on behind scenes and it can take bit time, you should see a pop up with Devilish Fry telling you it will take a minute but it can be considerably longer after you hit GO. Try make sure iPad doesn’t go sleep in this time. If you’re not getting as far as seeing the Robot Hell pop up, I’ve put an image of it in post, then it’s a job for TnyCo I’m afraid.


  11. Fighting these incubots is crazy. I wish I had known they were the way this post explains before I tried to do it. This is yet another example of how hard this game will be for Kindle Fire users until we can catch up somehow after losing a month at the beginning of the game’s availability.


  12. Would anyone happen to know how many bombs are needed for the first, easiest path?
    How many times does the invincible incubot appear? Once every battle?


    1. I did have difficulty at first. Try many times and be prepared to wait at least 10 minutes before giving up. This worked for me eventually; it took numerous attempts. In fact, when it did work, I only waited 1 minute that time, but some players had to wait much longer!


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