What The Futurama’s Going On – What changed with the Ver.1.4.3 Update

Greetings Earthlings!

We come with good news. Those humans at TinyCo have been forced to work, and that means they’ve made some changes to our games. But just what have they been up to? Well let’s find out….

There’s 3 obvious changes I’ve seen in my game and here’s a little rundown on each.


We’ve been asking for this feature constantly over in Family Guy: Quest For Stuff and The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow  is where it’s been delivered first. Yes, finally the ability to cancel tasks, and what’s even better, you can cancel at no cost. To do this just tap on the character on task and you’ll see a small red X to the left of the time left indicator, tap this and you’ll cancel the current task.


Again we’ve been asking for this and TinyCo have delivered. To use this new feature simply tap on the character to bring up their task screen, look down at the bottom and you’ll see the Inventory tab, click this and voila you can tuck your Character away in your Inventory for safe keeping. Also worth noting you can now also store NPCs just by tapping them then selecting to put them in your inventory.


Now as you know, when you Level up you always got your Fuel Tank refilled, well it would seem now that the full refill will add-on to the total Fuel you had at the time rather than just bringing it up to the maximum for that Level. So no more trying to time Level Ups with empty fuel tanks. 

There you have it, the obvious changes I’m seeing that came along with the 1.4.3 Update.  What do you think of these new features? Seeing any others that I’ve missed? Let’s discuss it further in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


13 thoughts on “What The Futurama’s Going On – What changed with the Ver.1.4.3 Update

  1. I am LOVING the increase in fuel storage dealie, I was able to gather enough hypnotons in one sitting to clear an enire 400 hypnoton block. hallehleuja!!


  2. Maybe this was an earlier change, but character levels go above 25 now. Apologies if this was already mentioned. Anyone know what the max level is now?


  3. Well, there is also possibility to store NPCs, just click on them and you are able to store them also into your inventory. No more slowing down of the game as they roam in the streets.


  4. It’s possible to store NPCs now too.

    I’ve been MAX level (60) for awhile now, so the fuel changes are too late to help me. Unfortunately, the game is now so unstable it’s no longer possible to play using my tablet — crashes every time I try to place or move a building and on many other occasions too. FWOT is much worse than FGTQFS in this respect and still doesn’t have the helpful ‘low graphics’ setting from the other game. I’ve had to resort to using an emulator for playing FWOT as this is now my only option that works!


    1. That’s interesting because I have had zero issues with FWOT while FG has become the most unstable game I’ve ever played. If I do something too quick or too taxing it locks up or closes down all the time and it takes forever to reload. I can nearly guarantee a freeze up if I don’t center on Tan Lines when I select a character in there for a daily quest. Of course I do have about 3 1/2 years of city built for it to fight with (and probably double it stored away). Still, considering they’ve quit doing some of the more fun things for events that they used too I just don’t think the game can handle it. (An example of that would be the free-roaming mobs we could create mazes for and take out in large numbers. I think the last free-roaming, unlimited kill mobs were for the district when they added the water stuff)

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  5. 3 very good changes, I have used the “cancel task” option several times already. I am happy TinyCo is listening. I dropped FG with frustration about gameplay and balance, but FWOT is showing lots of improvements and seems fair to F2P players so far. Makes me happy!


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